About Us

We are in 4 cities
We employ 128 workers
We have been advising 11 years

A few facts about O&W

During the last 10 years – almost 100 persons were awarded professional titles of an attorney at law, a legal counsel and a tax advisor.

Since 2010 we’ve spent: 4627 h on business trips

Total office space: 1 688.58 m2

Annually: 145 700 hours of work on opened projects

Annually: 3 300 collected postal packets

Annually: 2 340 official transfers concerning our Clients’ issues

Annually: 1 900 sent registered letters

O&W Group

The following companies exist in the O&W Group, performing tasks complementary or independent of Olesiński & Wspólnicy:

Provides support services for the internal processes in the company, as related to accounts keeping, financial reporting, controlling, tax settlement, social security and payroll, as well as state aid based on the European funds.

GOBS has been operating and growing successfully since 2009. The President of the Management Board is Tomasz Gałka, a tax adviser and Partner at Olesiński & Wspólnicy.

O&W Analytics Sp. z o.o. was established in April 2017, and significantly expanded the scope of Olesiński & Wspólnicy services. The core business area of O&W Analytics is development of safe models of transfer pricing establishment, based on professional analyses of comparative data, which under the new rules has become an obligatory part of the transfer pricing documentation.

Benchmarking is often a complex financial model that requires access to unique financial data and in-depth industry knowledge. O&W Analytics is a group of experts with the necessary expertise in finance, statistics and banking. The team consists of analysts with experience in financial institutions, banks, consulting firms and graduates of renowned economic and technical universities.

Expertise and experience of O&W Analytics team allows them to provide also other comprehensive services for O&W Clients, including feasibility study and broad-based per-transactional advice (eg due diligence projects), business plan analysis or support for WSE listed companies. in reporting areas.

A company performing a complementary function, which has been providing services to Olesiński & Wspólnicy and its Clients since 2003, including administrative functions, deliveries and organization of office work, special advisory tasks (projects other than legal and tax projects, frequently in cooperation with other entities).

Saurus Grow takes on difficult, often “unwanted” tasks and offers an excellent quality and efficiency in its activity – starting from geological drilling, through HR services, to organization of an office for a new company.

The greatest achievements of Saurus Grow include preparation of a professional feasibility study, used to make a decision on location of a big automotive factory in Poland. Driveshaft Sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of Saurus Grow. Driveshaft Sp. z o.o. specializes in outsourcing of functions concerning construction and production of specialist machinery, industrial construction and broadly defined advisory services in management.



Developed during 10 years of Olesiński & Wspólnicy operations – it is a network of advisory firms all over the world, comprising our friendly and reliable Partners. It allows us to provide advisory services effectively at the international level. We offer comprehensive services in compliance with O&W quality standards.


It is a permanent cooperation with a group of trusted and reliable notaries, translators, experts in real estate, accountants, surveyors, statutory auditors and many other specialists in various areas. The network comprises several dozens of people and is not based on contractual relations only, but also on relationships and trust developed in the course of cooperation.

What people say about us

Considerable experience, involvement, ability to define problems and identify potential risks, as well as individual approach to each case make O&W specialists not only legal and tax advisors, but also partners in discussions and process of making strategic business decisions. A leading international company from the automotive industry
O&W advisors provide all companies from the (…) Group with services consisting of monitoring the available state aid, drawing up applications for additional financing and supporting the companies in settlement of the received financial support. (…) Each of the already filed applications has been considered successfully. A large Polish listed company
We have no doubt that O&W strengths include excellent factual knowledge of employees, their great involvement, accuracy and punctuality of their actions. We also appreciate the excellent communication in the international environment. A leading manufacturer of white goods

O&W and the society

We have cooperated with O&W lawyers from the very beginning of Ekostraż operations, i.e. since 2010. They support association’s activity completely free of charge, in terms of legal protection of animals, including representation of interests of animals injured by people in criminal, administrative and court-administrative proceedings.

During such a long period of cooperation, they showed themselves not only as professional attorneys-at-law, but also friendly people, full of empathy to harmed animals.

Their knowledge and involvement lead to conviction of many perpetrators responsible for suffering of animals (including sentences for imprisonment) and, for the first time in Poland, to accusation of a mayor of a city for cruelty to homeless animals, which should be provided with care by virtue of law. O&W showed themselves as absolute law enthusiasts, who really enjoy solving practical problems connected with application of still imperfect animal protection law.

We have found partners in them, who dream about improving the quality of the penal provisions in the Animal Welfare Act, the same as we do. Currently, we are working together on proposed amendments to this Act. The National Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice are interested in our joint legislative ideas, whose aim is to increase efficiency in prosecuting and punishing perpetrators responsible for crimes against animals.

Cooperation with them is a great pleasure and invaluable support in the fight for a serious treatment of animals’ interests in Poland, both by ordinary people and authorities applying law.

O&W lawyers support parents of wards of the "To Rescue Children With Cancer" Foundation in dealing with complicated legal issues. As part of our common activities during “Oncoschool” meetings, O&W team members performed presentations entitled “Applicant’s guide”, “Benefits and rights of parents” and “Sources of financing”. O&W lawyers also provide advice individually to interested parents.

In our opinion, Olesiński & Wspólnicy is distinguished by:

• professional preparation – substantive material is complete and issues cover the entire scope of elaborated subject;

• flexibility – skilful adjustment of knowledge to the specific nature and needs of Przylądek Nadziei;

• punctuality – we always meet the deadlines;

• openness and desire to share the prepared materials – every interested person received a presentation by electronic means,

• accuracy – each additional question is analysed by O&W lawyers and the material is supplemented with answers;

• availability – each parent can ask a question by e-mail or telephone;

• communicativeness – lectures are given in simple and understandable language, interactively or in a form of dialogue with participants, and include practical guidelines and examples,

• empathy and a human approach – the smile.

O&W lawyers specialize in numerous areas of law, such as, among others, personal data protection, media law or new technologies law. These areas are very important in view of new challenges for human rights in the 21st century, becoming increasingly common. At the same time, O&W lawyers proved themselves to be reliable specialists of high social vulnerability and empathy. O&W is distinguished by openness to cooperation with non-government organizations, great involvement in pro bono activities and generosity in action, also under pressure of time.

In one of the cases directed to the HFHR at a late stage, we were concerned that we would not be able to find a pro bono law office to prepare an appeal against sentence to the Supreme Court, due to very short term and complicated legal issue appearing in the case. O&W declared their intention to support us very quickly and took comprehensive care of our client. Without support provided by O&W lawyers, we would not be able to act so effectively to protect human rights in court proceedings.