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VAT is Poland's main source of budget revenue, so it is a tax of fundamental importance for our country. As such, it is subject to particular interest on the part of the tax authorities, frequent changes in regulations tightening its settlements, automation and digitization intended to improve tax collection. As consultants, we have a perfect overview of the dynamic legal environment, helping our Clients to conduct their business safely and effectively.

Konrad Misiewicz

Senior Manager

Konrad Misiewicz

Senior Manager

Scope of advice

We provide services that allow our Clients to securely fulfil their VAT-related obligations, we help to design effective business models and adapt companies to the ever-changing VAT requirements. Among others, we offer the following services:

Day-to-day tax advice - analysis of transactions and assessment of their consequences in terms of the VAT liability

Support in designing supply chains considering VAT settlements and including the aspect of VAT taxation in other countries

VAT accounting on behalf of our Clients – we offer comprehensive support starting from the presentation the effects of planned transactions, assistance in adapting accounting systems, VAT registration, to the preparation and submission of VAT returns

Analysis of statistical classifications to determine the effects on VAT settlements – we help in their analysis and assessment of the impact on transactions from the VAT perspective

Comprehensive tax reviews to identify risks and opportunities for reducing the VAT liability

Support in the implementation and development of accounting systems to secure their compliance with VAT regulations – computerisation and digitization of VAT settlements makes it necessary to adjust the accounting systems accordingly - by cooperating with IT teams we help to adjust the accounting systems enabling correct VAT reporting

Development of IT tools supporting VAT settlements – dynamic changes in the field of VAT including digitization of VAT settlements mean that also taxpayers must adapt to them - we help our Clients by creating IT tools that enable them to properly and safely fulfil their VAT-related obligations

Acting in proceedings related to VAT settlements before revenue authorities and in courts

Training to better understand and navigate VAT regulations, correctly define responsibilities and assess the consequences of VAT settlements

Leader of specialisation