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Real estate tax (RET)

Although property tax usually generates a high cost for the company, it is quite often that not enough attention is paid to this type of tax when considering potentials for minimising the tax burden or risks associated with incorrect settlements. Once adopted, the classification of assets for the purpose of the real estate tax is rarely reassessed. This may expose the company to the risk of significant overstatement of tax liabilities or the risk of tax arrears. We take both these aspects into account when advising our Clients.

Karol Niemiec

Tax advisor

Karol Niemiec

Tax advisor

Scope of advice

We support you in the preparation of correct RET returns in order to minimize the risk of tax arrears and identify possible savings, including:

Support in the classification of assets for the RET purposes.

Checking if your RET settlements for a given period are correct. This includes a full assessment of risks and tax saving potentials.

Stock taking of assets subject to RET (land, buildings) including the taxable usable space of buildings and valuation of the assets (we cooperate with appraisal experts)

Preparation of RET interpretation applications to tax authorities

Representation in the course of tax, judicial and administrative proceedings in the field of RET

Everyday RET consulting, including preparation of tax opinions and advice

Completed projects

Responsible partner

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