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Personal taxes, wealth management, PIT

Planning and managing employment in compliance with the terms of public law taxation is a comprehensive task. Depending on individual needs, we offer our services to both individuals and the entities employing them. We advise throughout the process: from the planning stage, through the implementation of projects or transactions in the area of the personal income tax, inheritance and donation tax, tax on civil law transactions, social insurance, to the actual process of accounting in terms of public law liabilities.
Our Clients can count on our help in the following areas:

Designing and assessing tax consequences for income from work, self-employment, managerial contracts

Support in managing taxation of capital investments, real estate (including rents) and assets acquired as a gift or inheritance

Drafting policies of hiring key managers in companies (implementation and modification of the remuneration model for board members, managers, and proxies, including appointments)

Tax and succession planning for the wealthy (support in managing family business, future inheritance)

Incentive programmes for key personnel (support in designing, implementation, and settlement of incentive programmes)

Audit of staff hiring procedures and HR and payroll settlements with payers of taxes and social security contributions (verification and assistance in the implementation of changes in the Client’s internal procedures)

Implementation of remuneration policies for the boards of management and supervisory boards of listed companies (support in preparation and implementation of remuneration policies, advice on the preparation of remuneration reports)

Designing the forms of employment considering taxation of foreigners employed in Poland in key positions, tax returns of the so called impats and expats (recommendations concerning the most optimal remuneration models for foreigners and persons working abroad considering double taxation agreements). More information at Global mobility

Advice on new taxes (solidarity levy) and public law obligations

Leaders of specialisation