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Income tax is one of the most frequent areas of dispute with the tax authorities. Frequent regulatory changes, the many differences between the taxation-based and accounting-based approaches to business transactions, and the level of complications make surprises easy. This can entail considerable risk, but it also (still) provides you with the possibility of making savings safely and legally. We help you effectively in both these areas.

Wojciech Fryze


Wojciech Fryze


Scope of advice

Our CIT practice covers many interrelated tax issues - by combining them with our legal expertise, we offer comprehensive services for companies, including, among others, the following:

CIT reviews (audits) – wo do them to reduce risks for both companies and their managers, to introduce the necessary changes in accounting systems, and allow companies to adapt to the changing regulations

Support in CIT settlements (annual / ongoing), including tax calculations, filling in tax returns and providing any necessary information, both general and in selected specialist areas

Specialised R&D support projects (R&D relief/IP Box) – we help you to implement one of the most effective ways to achieve tax savings at the moment. Safe implementation requires experience and a combination of specialist legal (IP), tax and financial analysis expertise

Specialist advice in the field of tax accounting for state aid – we are the leader when it comes to expert knowledge concerning CIT settlements of entities operating in special economic zones, tax aspects of accounting for subsidies/grants etc.

Specialized advice on the withholding tax – we are experts in international tax law, in particular in the area of the withholding tax.

Specialized consulting in the field of transfer pricing

Representation in disputes and tax audits – we advise and represent Clients at all national and international levels. We help to prepare for various types of audits and protect you against potential risks

Expert opinions on tax related matters in the course of restructuring projects/M&A – it is often the tax risks that change the economic sense of a transaction. We carry out due diligence in the field of taxes, identify and protects all parties to complex transactions against tax-related risks

Preparation of applications for individual and general interpretations of tax law, for binding rate information and protective (advance) opinions

Training – concerning complex CIT issues, as well as selected particular issues in individual business models. The training is conducted in Polish, English and German

Completed projects