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State aid

The phenomenon of state aid comes down to the fact that it is impossible to list all the areas of activity in which it can be encountered. State aid is actually an interdisciplinary field in which it is necessary to skilfully combine legal, tax, financial and even analytical knowledge.

Justyna Korycka


Justyna Korycka


Scope of advice

Our experts not only operate freely in the technical and business aspects of public aid, but they also know and anticipate the risks involved. As a result, they are able to provide advice that minimises business risks while providing a stable foundation for innovative solutions.

The areas of our support include:

Development of an optimal model for obtaining public aid – trategic advice in the selection of potential sources of support, comprehensive presentation of risks, opportunities, threats and benefits and co-creation of an optimal action plan

Obtaining support in the area of public aid – EU and Norwegian funds, government grants, tax exemptions and reliefs, external financing instruments, starting from the creation of a strategy, analysis of the conditions for applying for support, determining the status of the beneficiary, through negotiations with intermediary institutions, to support in applying for the above mentioned measures, including preparation of applications for aid

Assessment of the legal nature of the support acquired or potential – advice on the appropriate qualification of the type and form of aid measure, taking into account the consequences thereof, in particular as regards the limits available, the way in which they are defined and the obligations connected with the support obtained

Accumulation of public aid – ombining aid from various sources, verification of the level of aid use in the company / group, monitoring of available aid limits also for individual investment projects, protection of the entrepreneur against receiving undue or excessive aid

Support for innovation – comprehensive support for the development and subsequent implementation of research and development or innovation activities in an enterprise (including the so-called innovation audits and identification of innovative areas), obtaining and advising on the settlement of the support provided (including, inter alia, R&D reliefs, IP Box, technological credit, aid from EU funds, tax reliefs)

Polish Investment Zone and Special Economic Zones – comprehensive advice on applying for tax incentives, obtaining tax exemptions, both for greenfield and brownfield investments, securing the entrepreneur in terms of EU and national requirements

Settlement of public aid granted – comprehensive advice on discounting public aid, development of optimal purchase procedures (competitiveness principle, market research, etc.), calculation of available public aid limits, order of use of granted investment allowances, as well as support in the implementation of reporting obligations towards national and EU institutions

Support in direct individual negotiations with representatives of the EC, as well as with national authorities, i.e. government administration, intermediary institutions such as, among others, ministries, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, National Centre for Research and Development, PFRD, area (zone) managers etc.

Representation in court proceedings (including before the Voivodship Administrative Court, the Supreme Administrative Court), as well as assistance in control proceedings – disputes concerning obtaining public aid, changes, expiry, withdrawal of aid decisions, appeals against decisions of control bodies, assistance in control proceedings by both national (including NIK) and EU authorities (EC controls)

Audits of public aid granted – comprehensive and limited audits of acquired aid in the area of e.g. employment obligation, incurred expenses, correctness of public aid used, accumulation of aid funds, including simulations of control of bodies

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