We broke our own record and received recognition in as many as 11 categories of The Legal 500 ranking – up from 9 last year. We were promoted to 2nd (from 3rd) in the area of employment law and received recognition in two new categories: White-collar crime (tier 4) and Intellectual property (tier 4). Furthermore, Ludmiła Łuczak, leader of the Data privacy and data protection area, was awarded the Next Generation Partner title.

Information on all categories and the advisors distinguished by our clients – as many as 39! – is presented below:

Tier 2


Data privacy and data protection

  • Ludmiła Łuczak – Next Generation Partner,
  • Andrzej Boboli, Bartosz Kolarz, Katarzyna Serwatka, Zuzanna Prandecka-Walek and Katarzyna Wężyk.



  • Tomasz Gałka, Wojciech Fryze, Konrad Misiewicz, Karol Niemiec, Paweł Sitnik, Joanna Karczewska.



  • Lucyna Brayshaw, Anna Chrobot, Andrzej Łobodziński, Ludmiła Łuczak, Magdalena Maślak-Gościmińska.


Tier 3



  • Filip Mroczkowski, Maciej Król, Olga Płoucha, Joanna Lentka-Wróbel and Samanta Osowska.



  • Rafał Olesiński, Lucyna Brayshaw, Wojciech Jarosiński, Joanna Lentka-Wróbel, Andrzej Boboli, Sebastian Kleszyk, Bartosz Kolarz, Małgorzata Paja and Józef Pordes.


Tier 4


Real estate

  • Filip Mroczkowski, Maciej Król, Joanna Lentka–Wróbel, Olga Płoucha and Piotr Olearczyk.


Capital markets

  • Michał Bogacz, Magdalena Tyrakowska-Szymczak and Cyryl Szudra.


Intellectual property (IP)

  • Rafał Olesiński, Andrzej Boboli and Małgorzata Paja.


White-collar crime

  • Anna Chrobot and Tomasz Wróblewski.


Tier 5


Dispute resolution

  • Anna Chrobot, Wojciech Jarosiński, Mateusz Kisiela, Paweł Bury, Michał Grodziewicz, Ewa Podogrodzka-Maruszkin, Józef Pordes.


Tier 6


Commercial, corporate & M&A

  • Rafał Olesiński, Michał Bogacz, Magdalena Tyrakowska-Szymczak i Samanta Osowska, Małgorzata Łamek-Bogacz, Magdalena Kordas.


Such a result is a great source of pride for us and proof that our development is also visible and appreciated externally. Congratulations to all the awarded teams and persons. We would like to thank our clients for their recommendations, which are a fundamental factor in the ranking. We are very pleased to read that:

‘Olesinski & Wspolnicy approach each task individually, have good contact with the client, and deal with a wide range of issues. They have many specialists for different problems. You can easily communicate with the office remotely, using various messengers.’

‘People I had the pleasure of working with, apart from their extensive substantive knowledge, also distinguished themselves by mastering soft skills; working with the client, listening to their needs, and responding to their needs on an ongoing basis.’

‘Exceptional client service, full service and quality in every field of expertise.’

‘The team are full service and provide a depth of knowledge that not all other firms demonstrate. There is a genuine client-first approach taken by the partners which ensures a gold standard of service.’