We are pleased to announce that in this year’s international ranking of The Legal 500 (Legalease), we received recognition in 7 categories: Data privacy and data protection (Tier 2), Tax (Tier 2), Capital markets (Tier 3), Construction (Tier 3), Real estate (Tier 4), Employment (Tier 4) and TMT (Tier 4).

These awards would not be possible without our experts who advise entrepreneurs every day and find a solution in every case, even the most difficult ones. Congratulations to all who were recognized in the above categories.

Data privacy and data protection: Andrzej Boboli, Magdalena Kaleta-Maniak, Ludmiła Łuczak, Katarzyna Serwatka and Justyna Korycka.

Tax: Wojciech Fryze, Tomasz Gałka i Konrad Misiewicz,  Wojciech Niedźwiedzki

Capital markets: Michał Bogacz, Rafał Olesiński, Magdalena Tyrakowska-Szymczak,  Tomasz Wróblewski, Anna Czornik and Cyryl Szudra.

Construction and real estate: Filip Mroczkowski, Olga Płoucha and Maciej Król.

TMT: Andrzej Boboli, Lucyna Brayshaw, Magdalena Kaleta-Maniak and Joanna Lentka-Wróbel.

HR/ labour law: Lucyna Brayshaw, Anna Chrobot, Ludmiła Łuczak.

The most valuable for us are the opinions of our customers – they best prove the quality of our services and motivate us to further work – here are some of them:

They have a very broad expertise in all branches of law, providing their clients with a 360 degree service. The advice they offer in response to different problems within the company is complementary and very coherent.’

High level of qualification and competence.’

Eager to help, they quickly find a proper and effective solution to the problem.’

Always ready to provide excellent service in all areas, individual approach to the partner.’

Always focus on my needs and my benefits, outstanding approach in case of open thinking and customer needs anticipation.’

Reliability, quality at the highest level, availability.’

Olesinski & Wspolnicy have very good contact with the client, thoroughly analyse each case, are involved, always look for and answer questions asked by the client, the tax team is made up of specialized, experienced people.’

The team is very professional, their knowledge is on a high level. Provide very good quality of services, suggested solution is always very detailed described. They provide a very high level of communication and personal culture.’

‘The Olesińscy & Wspólnicy team always tries to maintain the necessary flexibility to obtain maximum opportunities for the client.’

Thank you for trusting our experience and professionalism.

Congratulations to all who have contributed to this success!