GoEcom – we help develop e-commerce on a good base

On average, 20%[1] of companies in the European Union accept orders online. In Poland it is currently 16%[2], but the market is developing dynamically, and the year 2020 has only accelerated the changes taking place in it. This means only one thing: the digitisation of business today is a necessity for entrepreneurs who think about development in the long term – not only the biggest market players know this, but also more and more small businesses.

It is the latter, due to the limited time and budget, who usually rely on their own intuition when starting their e-commerce, often not not noticing the risks which may result from the failure to develop regulations, policies or other important documents. In the O&W Group we see the needs of small businesses.

On a daily basis we advise the largest players in the e-commerce industry, implementing innovative and tailor-made solutions. With the beginning of September, our brand portfolio is joined by GoEcom – a platform supporting new online shops. GoEcom is at the same time a base of business and legal knowledge on how to start selling online and an online shop where you will find basic documents necessary to set up your own online shop. And all this in order to enable a safe and conscious start even for the smallest e-commerce players.

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[2] As above