The development of OW is not just about expanding our team or acquiring new specializations, but also about strengthening our competencies. That’s why we always welcome news about our increasingly better results in rankings with great joy – it’s one of the indicators of our position in the market.

We are pleased to announce that we have received awards in 9 categories in this year’s The Legal 500 – compared to 8 last year and 7 two years ago.

These are:


Tier 2

Data privacy and data protection

  • Lucyna Brayshaw, Andrzej Boboli, Magdalena Kaleta-Maniak, Ludmiła Łuczak, Bartosz Kolarz, Katarzyna Wężyk, Łukasz Pociecha, Zuzanna Prandecka-Walek


  • Tomasz Gałka, Wojciech Fryze, Konrad Misiewicz, Karol Niemiec, Paweł Sitnik, Joanna Karczewska


Tier 3


  • Filip Mroczkowski, Joanna Lentka-Wróbel, Maciej Król, Olga Płoucha


  • Lucyna Brayshaw, Anna Chrobot, Ludmiła Łuczak, Nina Wiśniewska-Lech, Magdalena Maślak-Gościmińska


  • Rafał Olesiński, Lucyna Brayshaw, Wojciech Jarosiński, Joanna Lentka-Wróbel, Andrzej Boboli, Ludmiła Łuczak, Sebastian Kleszyk, Bartosz Kolarz, Przemysław Gruchała, Marta Dąbrowska, Małgorzata Paja


Tier 4

Real estate

  • Filip Mroczkowski, Maciej Król, Joanna LentkaWróbel, Olga Płoucha, Piotr Olearczyk

Capital markets 

  • Michał Bogacz, Magdalena Tyrakowska-Szymczak, Cyryl Szudra


Tier 5

Dispute resolution

  • Anna Chrobot, Mateusz Kisiela, Paweł Bury


Tier 6

Commercial, corporate & M&A 

  • Rafał Olesiński, Michał Bogacz, Magdalena Tyrakowska-Szymczak, Samanta Osowska


We congratulate the recognized teams and experts, but also the entire OW team – because this is our common success! We thank our clients for the numerous and beautiful recommendations that contributed to this result, they motivates us to take action every day. Here are a few of them:


‘They have an excellent understanding of the business environment and problem at hand. I know I can count on their full commitment and support.’ 

‘The team focuses on the problem and seeks solutions without wasting time.’ 

‘A very motivated team operating in many areas. They are a very good support when working with foreign clients.’ 

‘Very creative and professional team. The team approaches every case from different angles which gives the opportunity to analyse the situation.’ 

‘The team always has a solution; any problems or challenges they are confronted with, they find a way to manage it in the best way for the client.’