14 new attorneys in O&W. Our trainees have successfully passed the professional examination


The last two weeks in O&W have been a series of joyful news about the next applicants who have passed the professional exam. This year’s exams were associated with additional stress due to the change of dates caused by the pandemic, hence the success of our applicants in these unfavourable circumstances is even more pleasing. However, the new professional titles are not the result of recent months, but of many years of work, learning and experience gained, also within the framework of O&W, of which we are particularly proud every year.

We are glad that this year’s group of new patrons in O&W is so large and we congratulate the whole fourteen:

Kacper Czerniec, Paweł Feć, Wojciech Frankiewicz, Anna Hadasik, Agnieszka Januszko-Tabinowska, Jacek Karp, Mateusz Kisiela, Konrad Kowalski, Marcel Mańka, Samanta Osowska, Małgorzata Paja, Paulina Szewc, Cyryl Szudra, Nina Wiśniewska.