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White-collar crime

Running a business requires entrepreneurs to make bold decisions. Each of them may involve not only financial but also criminal liability. Today, every member of the management board, supervisory board, and top management should remember that due diligence is not only a fashionable concept, but it is one of key elements protecting you against any charges of crminal or tax authorities.

Anna Chrobot


Anna Chrobot


Scope of advice

Consulting penal proceedings under the commercial and taxation codes requires firmness and determination, and at the same time you need to be careful due to the sensitive nature of the proceedings. We know this very well - we boast years of practice in this area. We support our Clients, among others, in the areas of

  • criminal liability of members of corporate bodies,
  • debt evasion,
  • abuse of trust in business transactions,
  • crimes of managerial corruption,
  • unreliable accounting.

In order to protect our Clients to the maximum possible extent and comprehensively handle irregularities, we cooperate in multidisciplinary teams with experienced experts in such areas as taxes, commercial law, environmental law and labour law. If necessary, we also work with detectives and experienced representatives of security services. As part of our specialisation, we work closely with the compliance team, which often allows us to prevent risks related to liability under criminal and taxation regulations.

What do we offer?

Counteracting commercial and tax crimes in company structures (elements of compliance)

  • assessment of the risks of certain transactions from the angle of criminal law and assistance in minimising them
  • identification of areas generating significant personal liability risks and a clear structure of libility assignment within the company (division of responsibility)
  • implementation of effective mechanisms for reporting non-compliances and handling reports (we have co-developed of a proprietary tool for handling reports on non-compliances - WhistBoard )
  • designing "tailor-made" procedures for, among other things, anti-corruption and crisis management
  • Training, including in personal responsibility of the top management, behaviour in crisis situations (arrest / search / interrogation)

  • Assistance and representation at the pre-trial and court stages (support for the injured party - private prosecutor)

    Irregularity management:

  • risk assessment of a business transaction from the point of view of criminal law
  • investigations into reported irregularities
  • investigative audit - we conduct security audits in the overlappig areas of criminal and tax law, we support entrepreneurs in detecting fraud and abuse

  • Completed projects

    Responsible partner

    Leader of specialisation

    Tomasz Wróblewski

    Senior Manager

    Attorney-at-law | OW Legal

    Justyna Papież-Łogin

    Senior Associate

    Attorney-at-law | OW Legal