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Restructing and bankruptcy law

The restructuring and bankruptcy law is an opportunity for entrepreneurs struggling with financial problems. With the use of appropriate procedures and under the supervision of the court, the interests of creditors are duly protected and debtors can restructure and continue their business. They can also terminate one form of business and continue to operate in the market, seeking new challenges. Our support in this area includes, among others

INwatch - insolvency monitoring – an proprietary OW project consisting in developing internal practices and policies of information and document circulation, principles of monitoring the company's financial liquidity, mapping potential risks and persons responsible for particular areas of the company's operations in order to avoid a state of insolvency of the company in the future

Preparation of financial opinions regarding the question when the insolvency of a company is identified – in cooperation with OW Analytics, based on the results of our audit, we determine whether there are grounds for the company to file for restructuring or bankruptcy

Debt restructuring – negotiating and concluding agreements with creditors through, inter alia, out-of-court settlements with private creditors and instalment arrangements with the Social Insurance Institution, tax authorities and other public-law creditors

Preparation of restructuring or bankruptcy applications – analysis of the Client's needs and recommendation of appropriate actions, assistance in choosing the optimal type of procedure, comprehensive legal assistance before and after the file application is examined by the court

Representation in the course of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings – representation of creditors in the course of proceedings, including, inter alia, negotiating the terms of an arrangement with the debtor, representation at the meeting of creditors convened to conclude an arrangement

Public aid / private creditor test – support in the process of applying for public aid for the implementation of the restructuring process and developing private creditor tests

Enforcement of claims – development of a strategy for the recovery of claims, selection of appropriate instruments to maximise the chance of enforcement of claims

Comprehensive legal services to restructuring advisors – full support and advice in complex restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings and in the day-to-day operations of companies

Training in bankruptcy and restructuring law – we offer a wide range of training courses in restructuring and bankruptcy law

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