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Marketing and Advertising law

A good marketing strategy does not focus on the advertising message itself, but also on its legal assessment from the perspective of competition and consumers - its recipients. Our goal is to build a consistent and reliable brand of the Client, ensuring legally secure use of data, information and messages.

Magdalena Kaleta-Maniak


Magdalena Kaleta-Maniak


Scope of advice

Marketing and advertising law is a set of regulations scattered over a dozen or so laws - starting from unfair competition and prohibited market practices, through press law, telecommunication law and electronic service provision, to individual industry regulations, as well as copyright law, the GDPR and consumer rights. Our expert team combines competence in all these areas, adapting the proposed solutions to the size, development stage, marketing strategy and technical capabilities of our Clients. Our support in marketing and advertising law (online and offline) includes:

Legal assessment of planned and applied marketing strategies, including those using cookies, local storage or AR (Augmented Reality), AI (artificial intelligence, e.g. chatbots), cooperation with Google, Facebook and remarketers

Legal support in the field of advertising and marketing content – assessment of the risk of it being considered as prohibited advertising / act of unfair competition, from the perspective of competition and consumers (Find out more on our competence under Consumer Law)

Legal and tax support for discount and promotional campaigns and competitions – evaluation of the possibility of using free samples, gadgets, sales for 1 PLN, bonus sales

Legal support in creating, inviting customers and operating loyalty programs, customer benefit systems, customer monitoring systems, as well as negotiating contracts with suppliers of external loyalty programs (Payback, mBank, etc.)

Support in designing and legal evaluation of existing databases – in terms of their compliance with the consumer rights, rules of mailing commercial information, consents, and rules of personal data processing (Find out more on our competence under Personal data protection)

Negotiations of contracts and securing Clients' interests in marketing processes – e-mail marketing, influencer marketing, remarketing, profiling, programmatic advertising, advertising in social media

Brand building and protection, including registration and practical protection of trademarks, registration of domains, as well as acquisition of the existing brands and domains (Find out more on competence under Intellectual Property)

Protection of the entrepreneur's reputation on the Internet – i.a. legal protection of the entrepreneur against unjustified criticism on the Internet

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