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IT disputes

We solve technology project problems with a service level agreement worthy of the best in the IT industry.

Wojciech Jarosiński

Attorney-at-law, LL.M.

Wojciech Jarosiński

Attorney-at-law, LL.M.

Areas of advice

Our team of technology dispute resolution specialists knows the IT market and understands the technical and business issues that drive it, so we can get into the project quickly and find the right solution for the client. We aim to deliver commercial value to the client and get the project back on track. Only as a last resort do we get involved in a dispute – in which case we aim to resolve it amicably or win.

We are part of the disputes, litigation and arbitration team.

As part of our services we:

develop project recovery strategies

advise on the day-to-day management of projects at risk

protect the client's interests in the event of a dispute

gather evidence and prepare litigation strategy

negotiate settlements, agreements and cooperation procedures

Completed projects

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