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Intellectual property law (IP)

Brand, know-how and technology are currently the most important assets providing the company with a competitive advantage. The emphasis on IP protection can be seen in almost every area - from brand protection, which is already standard in every industry, to technology protection, to verification that we do not infringe the rights of third parties - which is often a condition for obtaining EU funding or venture capital. From Poland, we can obtain protection of rights almost all over the world, helping our clients to commercialise and scale up innovation.

Andrzej Boboli

Senior Manager

Andrzej Boboli

Senior Manager

Scope of advice

The protection of intellectual property concerns not only innovative companies, but everyone who is currently active on the market. Today, most of the work is protected by IP rights - from logos and trade names, through website content, to software, know-how and technology. It is crucial to ensure the effective acquisition of these rights from employees and associates and their effective protection. To protect intellectual property, we propose, among other things:

Drafting and negotiation of specialized agreements - we draft agreements for the transfer of brands, know-how or technology, including with foreign contractors. With our help, customers license their rights to, among others, the USA, Germany or China - we know the specifics of this type of agreements, covering not only IP transfer, but also, for example, issues of supplies, licensed production or authorized distribution

Obtaining IP rights from employees and associates - contrary to popular belief, in most cases, it is not secured by a simple employment contract to the extent that it allows for rights commercialisation. It is essential to ensure the effective acquisition of rights, especially in relations with, for example, programmers or graphic designers

Obtaining protection of IP rights in patent offices - we obtain protection of e.g. trademarks, industrial designs, inventions or utility models. Thanks to our international experience and a wide network of associates, we obtain effective rights almost all over the world, protected not only at the Polish Patent Office but also e.g. at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, European Union Intellectual Property Office or in the Far East

Intellectual property rights portfolio analysis - especially in the age of start-ups, IP is a key value of a company. We support both investors and start-ups in their investment processes, verifying the effectiveness of the protection of rights under due diligence, and we also help prepare for such a survey

Registration clearance search - we verify the novelty of trademarks or inventions to determine whether and how they can best be protected and reduce the risk of infringement of third party rights

Infringements prosecution - by developing comprehensive strategies that take into account the achievement of the objectives set by the client, i.e. conducting both settlement discussions, negotiations and court proceedings in the area of intellectual property rights protection and combating unfair competition

Designing rules of using IP rights by affiliated companies - in group of affiliates, the standard is to use a common logotype, license software for the whole affiliates network or conduct marketing for holdings and affiliate companies. We help create the necessary transfer pricing documentation and negotiate licences for large capital groups.

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Andrzej Boboli

Senior Manager

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