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Environmental protection

Environmental protection is no longer a branch of law and has in recent years developed into a tangled jungle of national and Community standards. Once marginalised, it is now one of the important aspects of any economic activity, due to increasing awareness of the climate risks and the impact of the environment on everyone's comfort of living. Effective advice in this particular ecosystem requires not only knowledge of regulations, but also the standards of environmental bodies and practical know-how.

Olga Płoucha


Olga Płoucha


Scope of advice

We advise clients in all areas of use and environmental impact that may be affected by their business.

Cross-cutting environmental audits - we identify responsibilities and ensure the implementation of compliance of our environmental activities

Waste handler at every stage of the chain - we secure, among other things, proper identification and effective transfer of responsibility for waste, as well as proper performance of recording and reporting obligations

Environmental permits and permissions - we identify the required environmental permits and permissions (integrated permits, sectoral permits), we provide support at each stage of their acquisition as well as in the implementation of the resulting rights and obligations

Water and sewage - we provide comprehensive support in matters relating to sewage management (discharge and collection of sewage), use of water resources (water law permits), trade in technical infrastructure, collective water supply and collection of sewage

Packaging - we provide assistance in all matters concerning packaged products and packaging, including proper labelling, record-keeping and reporting and handling of packaging waste

Batteries and accumulators - support for placing on the market and further management and recovery of batteries and accumulators

Electrical and electronic equipment - we provide comprehensive assistance in all matters concerning the marketing and further management of electrical and electronic equipment

REACH - we shall support the identification of the need for registration and the evaluation and registration of chemical substances, the preparation of safety data sheets, the provision of relevant information in the supply chain, and the performance of duties related to the production, import and further marketing of chemical substances and mixtures

Proceedings - in environmental matters we effectively represent our clients' interests in proceedings before public administration bodies, provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court as well as before common courts

Products - we support the establishment and implementation of obligations related to the introduction of products, including oils and lubricants, electrical and electronic equipment, air conditioning equipment and other equipment filled with fluorinated greenhouse gases into Poland

Agreements - taking into account the specific nature of environmental law, we draw up and issue opinions on agreements concerning all areas of activity that affect elements of the environment

Property - functionally combining in our organization competences in the field of environmental law and real estate law, already at the stage of selecting the investment location, we help to identify aspects that may limit or exclude the use of the property for the intended activity

Training - we provide practical training for managers and employees of health, safety and environmental protection departments, explain the obligations incumbent on the organization and indicate how to effectively implement them

Repair activities - for clients who have not fulfilled their environmental obligations, we prepare a comprehensive repair model, supporting its implementation and taking actions to mitigate or eliminate the negative consequences of the current practice

Monitoring of changes - we constantly observe trends and take part in their development, monitor changes in the law and inform our clients about them. We keep our finger on the pulse, among others, as part of a team of specialists in various fields of law, creating a comprehensive service for our clients within the framework of "sustainable development"

Completed projects

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