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Energy and chemistry desk

The energy and chemical sectors are extremely highly regulated, have specialist legal solutions and are supervised by industry bodies. Every entrepreneur must be involved in all of this, because it is not only large state-owned companies that come into contact with these sectors, but everyone who, for example, only purchases energy for their own use and certain types of chemicals (e.g. lubricants).

Tomasz Wróblewski

Senior Manager

Tomasz Wróblewski

Senior Manager

Scope of advice

We combine competence in energy law and related regulations (energy efficiency, electromobility, renewable energy sources) with knowledge of the chemical sector and excise issues.
We advise industry (energy sector, chemical sector) and anyone who is affected by these industry regulations.
Areas of our assistance:

Analysis of obligations arising from movements of goods, including liquid fuels

SENT - analysis of entrepreneurs' duties, ongoing advice, conducting proceedings before authorities

Register of Importers and Register of the Emergency Stock System - registration, analysis of obligations, defence in proceedings for the imposition of administrative fines and criminal proceedings

Exemption from excise duty on electricity used in production processes (including energy-intensive businesses)

Energy contracts - checking electricity, heat and gas sale/distribution contracts (we analyse various sales models, compensation entitlements, read "small print", support the calculation of actual costs based on tariffs and price lists) and connection contracts; intermediation and advice in contacts with energy companies (energy sellers and distributors) at early stages of investment

Concessions - procedures for obtaining and amending concessions for the generation, trading and distribution of energy, including concession obligations

Energy efficiency - support in project qualification, applications for white certificates, corrections of applications

Reliefs for energy-intensive entrepreneurs - analysis of the possibility of using support programmes for energy-intensive entrepreneurs

Green energy and electromobility - comprehensive advice provided in cooperation with the public aid and sustainable development team (e.g. co-financing / reliefs for RES projects)

Representation before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office in the conducted proceedings - including preparation of necessary letters (motions, appeals, preparatory letters, etc.).

Completed projects

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