Risk & Liability – internal security

  1. Counteracting unfair practices in the company
  2. Anti-mobbing/anti-discrimination policy – implementation of rules preventing events that may result in claims against the company arising from mobbing/discrimination of employees
  3. Institution of a “person of trust” – mitigating a risk of conflicts/claims escalation by development of a trusted channel of communication with employees and colleagues
  4. “Whistleblowing” policy
  5. Competency/liability matrix: organizing distribution of competences and obligations in the company in order to limit personal liability of managers
  6. Providing strategic advisory services in case of identifying unfair practices/frauds in the company
  7. Protection of trade secrets
  8. Anticorruption activities (against employees and suppliers)
  9. Behaviour in case of authorities’ inspection (procedure/training/simulated inspection)
  10. Personal (criminal/civil/administrative) liability of managers – risk assessment/defence mechanisms
  11. D&O insurance

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