Bankruptcy and restructuring law

Bankruptcy and restructuring law provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs struggling with financial problems who have temporarily or permanently lost the ability to conduct business without disruptions. When using the proper procedures under the supervision of the court, the interests of the creditors are duly protected while the debtor will be able to restructure his business and continue to operate on the market facing new challenges.

Our clients can count on help within:

capital restructuring of individual entities and entire capital groups

as part of transformations: mergers or divisions of companies, individual entrepreneurs, taking care in particular of tax optimization issues and the limitation of the liability of shareholders or members of management boards

interim management

company management by a manager in order to achieve the projected business results and to increase the value of the organization qualified and experienced

debt enforcement strategies

analysis and selection of appropriate instruments aiming to secure the interests of the creditors and maximizing the enforcement of receivables

debt restructuring

negotiating agreements with creditors by concluding out-of-court settlements with private creditors, as well as through the implementation of installment plans with the ZUS, the Tax Office and other public-law creditors

public aid, private creditor test

support in the process of obtaining public aid for the implementation of the restructuring process and development of private creditor tests

representation during the proceedings

full representation in the course of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings: both for creditors and debtors

bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings

analysis of the client’s needs and recommendation of appropriate actions, preparation of relevant applications, comprehensive legal assistance before and after recognition of the submitted applications and the current activities

crisis campaigns / PR

support with the development and implementation of action plans in the field of crisis management and comunication with the creditors and the business environment of an entrepreneur with financial problems

comprehensive legal services for restructuring advisers

in particular, full support and advice in complex bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings as well as in the ongoing management of the business

As part of the restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, we direct our services to:

entrepreneurs interested in restructuring or declaring bankruptcy

creditors who seek the most effective enforcement of their receivables

restructuring advisors seeking comprehensive legal services in the course of a proceeding

investors who, through the use of restructuring and bankruptcy law, want to achieve their business goals, e.g. in pre-pack

Restructuring proceeding


An entrepreneur may apply for the opening of restructuring proceedings when he is threatened by insolvency or when he is already insolvent.


The restructuring law allows an entrepreneur to agree an arrangement regarding the repayment of liabilities of the indebted enterprise with the majority of its creditors (usually a reduction of the main payment + repayment in installments). However, should the situation prove to be so serious that more radical steps are necessary, then in the most far-reaching restructuring proceedings – i.e. the remedial proceedings – the goal may be pursued also by undertaking remedial measures.

Bankruptcy law


Bankruptcy law provides creditors with instruments aimed at pursuing their claims from insolvent debtors who are entrepreneurs and consumers. Bankruptcy can be only declared by insolvent debtors, as defined in the Act, and only upon the request of the entitled entities.


In a simplified manner, during a bankruptcy proceeding, a list of claims is prepared by the bankruptcy trustee and all assets of the bankrupt are liquidated with the aim of satisfying the creditors to the highest possible extent.

Leader of specialization

In this particular field, the practical experience of legal advisers is very important, not only when conducting restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, but also concerning the general legal support for the entrepreneurs.


Adw. Manager Mariusz Purgał leads a team of experts who have been practicing commercial law for years, cooperating with entrepreneurs from various industries. He has 7 years of experience, which will help you to successfully go through bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings.

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Mariusz Purgał



The experience of our team in numbers:


million PLN of liabilities covered by the proceedings

million PLN of enforced claims

creditors involved in the proceedings

bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings