She advises polish and foreign capital groups.


She successfully combines project work with dedicated customer service. She combines legal knowledge with strong tax and state aid competences, which enables comprehensive service of complex and multi-faceted projects, while ensuring the highest standard of compliance.


She specializes in public aid. She has supported investments in Poland, which were strategic from the point of view of Polish Goverment and the European Commission, actively participating in obtaining public aid packages (cash grant, SEZ, support decisions, real estate tax exemption, co-financing agreements) for several dozen entrepreneurs.


In the area of IR she creates a policy of reporting standards on the basis of MAR. She has participated in multi-level projects of stock exchange entities acquisition, private subscriptions, bond issues, delisting options or squeeze out. She is responsible for creating remuneration policy for many issuers, has experience in conceptual consulting in both legal and tax implementation of various forms of incentive programs (issue of subscription warrants, stock options, buy-back, derivative financial instruments, options based on the target capital or use of property rights).


She successfully conducts tax litigation, representing clients (both private individuals and corporations) in the course of customs and tax proceedings, tax and administrative proceedings.


Speaker and participant of many conferences, including those organised in cooperation with the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PFR Group).


Author of many publications, including scientific ones.


She sterrs a team of several specialists. She is fluent in German and also speaks English.


She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław, studied at the University of Cologne, graduated from the School of German Law in cooperation with the Humbolt University in Berlin. She completed doctoral studies at the Department of Economic and Commercial Law at the University of Wrocław.