Ludmiła Łuczak (Kapała)

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Graduated from Law, Administration and Economics Faculty at the University of Wroclaw. She has been cooperating with our Law Firm since 2014. She participates in projects related to the activities of entrepreneurs in the special economic zones. She has practical experience in determining entrepreneurs’ entitlement to the public aid and use of such public aid. On a daily basis, she provides services to capital companies, as well as public companies, also with foreign capital. She has gained experience by actively participating in projects in the field of civil and commercial law, including participation in the investment and restructuring processes (preparing drafts of investment agreements, disposal/acquisition of shares, transactions connected with sales of companies). She is also advising in the field of labour law and participating in projects related to the court disputes. She speaks English. She spends her free time actively, doing sports, especially running and skiing. Passionate about the pre-war history of Wroclaw.