Attorney-at-law, she graduated from Wrocław University (Faculty of Law and Administration) and Postgraduate Tax Law Studies. She began her career while studying when as one of the few students she conducted classes of business law at Economic Academy in Wrocław. She received many scholarships from Wrocław University, graduated from judicial training with an excellent result and then decided to become an attorney-at-law.

She has been cooperating with the Law Firm since 2008. She specializes in providing advisory services for business entities, the main scope of the advisory regards services for the entities active within public procurement and full scope of labour law, especially for HR departments regarding collective disputes and employment restructuring policy. She now has 9 years’ experience in providing services to entities with foreign capital regarding business and tax law.

She fluently speaks English.

In her free time she actively fights for animals rights and is interested in sport and motorization.