Attorney at law, graduate of the Law, Administration and Economics Faculty and Postgraduate Studies in Tax Law at the University of Wroclaw. She started her professional career during her studies, when as one of the few students she conducted lectures in the field of commercial law at the Wroclaw University of Economics. A several times scholarship holder at the University of Wroclaw. She graduated, working directly with judges of common courts, court professional training with a very good result, and then decided to practice as an attorney at law. In 2013, she gained the mediator’s qualifications, being trained by professional mediators from the United Kingdom.


She has been cooperating with Olesiński & Wspólnicy since 2005. Her area of expertise involves providing advisory to business entities. He has extensive experience in effective conducing of civil and administrative disputes for business entities, with particular emphasis on processes affecting the issue of copyright and royalties. Many years of experience in civil and administrative (also tax) disputes resulted in involvement and gaining knowledge of customs law, including handling of cases related anti-dumping duties for many clients and active participation in all stages of customs controls at clients. She is responsible for providing services for active entities in the field of public procurement and independently she actively and successfully serves clients in the field of collective labor law, with particular emphasis on legal tools for HR departments. On the basis of such experience gained, she co-created a book addressed to employers as a part of the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN – Employment reduction.


Currently, she has over 13 years of professional experience including the permanent service of legal entities with foreign capital.


She is a member of supervisory boards in external entities.


She is fluent in English.


In her spare time, she actively devotes herself to animal protection, attempting to change legal regulations and successfully conducting numerous criminal cases in this area. She also undertakes conversations and mediations with state authorities on the principles of animal rights protection in Poland. She is interested in sport and motorization.