1. Reorganizations and tax planning
  2. Tax reviews of procedures and tax settlements in the scope of PIT arising from business activity
  3. Development of transfer pricing policy and documentation
  4. Provision of transaction advisory services (contributions in kind, sale of enterprise and essential assets)
  5. Representation in tax disputes in the scope of PIT
  6. Tax-effective marketing and social activities
  7. PIT settlement within SEZ
  8. Depreciation planning, policy of fixed assets evaluation
  9. Personal taxes planning

Related areas

Katarzyna Czekajło-Zajkowska Katarzyna Czekajło-Zajkowska MANAGER / LEGAL ADVISOR
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Bartłomiej Chałupiński Bartłomiej Chałupiński SENIOR CONSULTANT / TAX ADVISOR
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Magdalena Florczak Magdalena Florczak SENIOR TAX CONSULTANT / TAX DEPARTMENT
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Maja Kapiczowska Maja Kapiczowska SENIOR CONSULTANT / ATTORNEY TRAINEE